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התאחדות קונג פו וין צ'ון בישראל

Kung Fu Wing Chun - More then just fighting

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Wing Chun Kung fu is a martial arts style that was developed by Shaolin grand-masters in the seventeenth century.

 kung fu style is based on a southern version of Shaolin, and it comes as an effective extract of the style, using the minimal and necessary movement. This has led this style to possess a type of laconism and concreteness as main characteristics, and there is nothing in it that is devoted to esthetics or similar concepts. The only means of measurement is its effectiveness.

is not only a very efficient style of martial arts.

assists in the finding of both deeply nested functional and psychological problems, and offers the ability to construct and apply very specific practice techniques for resolving those issues.


He studied separately from Masters Fung and Tien directly for three years where he specialized in bare-handed combat, weapons and combat while riding horses. He trained with Kuang, who was then considered Tae Kong's senior student.

Kung Fu Wing Chun Association

His working method was based on the things he had learned from Meta Kong combined with modern biological knowledge. Master Ngo Si Koi dedicated his life to Wen Chun, teaching and training generations of students who continue in his footsteps. Wing Chun Kung Fu Association of Israel is a registered Voluntary association that has taken upon itself the following goals: 


  • When he returned from the USSR in 1982, after his doctorate, he was appointed vice president of the Ministry of Sports in Hanoi. He quickly advanced to become president. He continued to come to the USSR with Vietnamese national teams in various sports. He always met and guided Igor at every opportunity, both when he himself arrived in the USSR and when Igor went to Vietnam with him. 
  •  The promoting of the Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Art in Israel.

  • The cooperation with different branches of Wing Chun Kung Fu Associations world wide.

  • The promoting and maintainance of holistic self improvement mathods based upon the Wing Chun Kung Fu techniques.

The association activity began in 1993 and there are currently 3 branches in Israel. 

The elected head of the association is Mr. Igor Zakashansky, the exclusive and official representative of "The Hanoi Association of Martial Arts - Vietnam" and the "wold federation of vocotruyen Vietnam" (WFVV) in Israel.


The association is in a continuous relation with Vietnam, and is hosting senior Vietnamese teachers for seminars in Israel.

You are welcome to check our school's lineage and contact us for any more information:

Igor Zakashansky | +972-54-9001034 |

or come and visit us for a free lesson at: 

#10 Hafets Hayim st. Tel -Aviv.

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